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COBOR crystal collagen facial mask
COBOR crystal collagen facial mask $24.99

Crystaline Mask is among the top grade cosmetic poducts of the world by the-state-of-the-art cosmetic techonology. It is made from high purity collagen of the deep-sea fish and natural seaweeds polysaccharide. Since there are no non-woven fabrics used in the substrate, the crystaline mask appears clear and transparnt, which even brings more advantages, such as complete dissovlability upon heat, close contact with skin, and no reverse absorption of water from skin during a long treatment time. Due to the plenty of nutrition materials carried inside its unique porous crystaline layer stucture, the mask will get thinner and thinner while the nutrition is lowly absorbrd by the skin after contact for a moment. As the mask layer can deliver the nutrition and feed the face skin continously, the nutrition composition realizes higher availability and bio-activity to the skin.

Main components: collagen, hyaluronic acid, cell growth factor, pro-vitamin B5 and so on.

Product function: to add eye nutrition and water, promote blood circulation and metabolism eye skin, eliminate eye fine lines, improve dark circles and bags under the eyes, so that the skin around the eye soft, meticulous, flexible more attractive.

Packing 5pc/box x 2

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